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Customization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Posted by dynamicsnick on February 20, 2016
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Here is a great resource for the MB2-719 exam from Microsoft that will cover Customization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. The topics that are included in this series are as follows.



Module 00: Course Introduction
Module 01: Introduction to Customizing and Configuring Dynamics CRM
Module 02: Configuring Dynamics CRM
Module 03: The CRM Security Model
Module 04: Introduction to Solutions
Module 05: Entity and Field Customization
Module 06: Additional Field Customizations
Module 07: Relationships
Module 08: Customizing Forms
Module 09: Business Rules
Module 10: Views and Visualizations
Module 11: Introduction to Processes
Module 12: Business Process Flows
Module 13: Bringing it all together
Module 14: Course Review


•Configure specific application features
•Guidance on the designing a CRM security model
•Control access using CRM’s security model
•Create, package, manage, and deploy specific customization through solutions.
•Creating and maintaining custom entities
•Working with specialized fields
•Create and edit customized forms
•Apply Portable Business Logic
•Explore the different tools available for creating specific views
•Provide an overview of the different processes
•Create Business Process Flows


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