Understanding Business Units in CRM

Posted by dynamicsnick on May 15, 2015
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In CRM you have the ability to create what are called business units. Now when you install Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will get a primary business unit created by default and typically it is the name of your company. This is known as the primary business unit and is the parent or root business unit in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

You must note that the parent business unit cannot be deleted, deactivated or changed. It can be renamed, and that is pretty much it. However, you can group and build other business units that are called child business units off of the root business unit. Much like an hierarchical structure.

Business units and security roles literally go hand in hand. They allow you to separate various levels of access to specified groups in your organization. Users are assigned to business units and security can be restricted to records that are in that business unit group.

For example you could have a structure with a primary business unit and also a child business unit for sales, a child business unit for service, and a  lastly a child business unit for Marketing.

This would allow you to use the entities even custom ones in CRM that have been created, but only have access to records created in your business unit. If you had a merger or recent acquisition you could also use a business unit to provide a level of separation in your dataset to different groups of users and that might be another case depending on your example that child business units would come in handy.



Troubleshooting Dexterity Issues – “function trigger registration failed” messages

Posted by dynamicsnick on May 04, 2015
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So I get the following error message from a 3rd party module that is registered into Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 deployment. So now I need to troubleshoot the culprit and find what is causing this issue. There are a few places I can look to get started and I have attached an image below to show the issue I am having.


dexterity error message

In this case the 3rd party is pretty easy to spot as the vendor Sabrix named the triggers as SBX which makes things a bit easier determining which module the issue exists in. And the naming convention also tells me in which module POP and what action “Save” that the problem exists in.

Anyway to be sure that this is the module that is causing the issue I can turn off the customization triggers in Dynamics GP to see if the message goes away when attempting to save. To do this you can visit the following location in GP to see all the currently registered modules and their customization scripts.

Tools -> customize-> Customization Status



From this screen I can choose to disable the module I suspect is giving me the problem which should be the module named Sabrix MTS. I choose the module and then select to disable it (temporarily) to test this theory.

customization disable

Sure enough the next time I went to save with the MTS disabled I did not receive an error.

But lets say you get the error right when you startup Dynamics GP. You could not prove the culprit in this manner. Instead you would update the Dynamics.set file and remove the suspect module until is starts without an error then you know you have the right one. Luckily most of the vendors I have worked with over the years name their scripts pretty well so it is easy to spot a clash if you know your GP system and the modules on it.

To do that I would save a copy of the Dynamics.set file, then and take out Sabrix module and the dictionaries and update the module count of the system by 1. Next I would start Dynamics GP Sure enough I do not receive an error so I know that this is the module that is causing the issue.

Note: It is also important to remember that sometimes your 3rd party will have other items installed. These files might be in the /addins directory as well in dynamics GP and might cause an error on startup if they are there and the module is disabled. You would have to remove these as well to prove out the module that is causing issues.

Once you have found the target module it is usually a call to the product vendor. In my case the situation was different. I just needed to make sure that another module in my Dynamics.Set file was loaded before I registered the Sabrix MTS.

This was done by just moving the product up in the Dynamics Set file and all was good.





New Features in Dynamics GP 2015

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 System Wide New Features

This video describes the new system wide features in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 http://community.dynamics.com/gp/default.aspx.

Read more …


Microsoft Power BI Features and Insights

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Microsoft is making some interesting moves lately with its new data analytics platform PowerBI. 

On tuesday this week they announced that they had acquired Datazen Software, a company with mobile-friendly business-intelligence (BI) tools.

PowerBI is currently in a technical preview (freemium) mode and it is available as a public preview to basically anyone that would like to try out the new tech.

There have been multiple improvements to the application as well during the preview, launch and updates that have been released.

Some of these improvements are additinal connectors to different data services such as a google analytics connector. They have also added more operators for filtering and dealing with dates, automatic model relationship detection, and many performance and speed improvements and bug fixes in the application.

Microsoft is making a new and also welcoming approach as it announced not only that they are bringing business intellegence through the powerbi application, but also down to mobile and iOS as well supporting iPhones and iPads.

On the iPhone Power BI app the ability to perform data driven alerts provide interesting insights to the data from the service.

It seems that more connectors are being created all the time positioning Microsoft as a force for consuming and analyzing data from just about any service. I am hopeful that they will continue pushing for more services to be added and consumed for data analysis.

If you haven’t signed up for a free trial you can do so, just type in microsoft powerbi preview in your favorite web search engine and you will be presented with all the marketing info.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Roadmap

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Microsoft Power BI – Technical Preview

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If you haven’t take a look at Microsoft’s latest offering of Power BI you might spend the time to check it out. They have a free technical preview going on now. You can build some very amazing visualizations, dashboard and mine insights from your data all without complex coding!

It’s free and you can watch some pretty nifty videos on the product at the Power BI site ->Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft Dynamics GP Management Reporter Port

Posted by dynamicsnick on April 15, 2015
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When you are installing the management reporter 2012 client you will be asked for the machine name and port that the service is running on. The service listens by default on port 4712.

So the url for the management reporter service in your organization will be http://[GPSERVER]:4712



Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Upgrade Prep Tips

Posted by dynamicsnick on April 11, 2015
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When getting ready to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 or any GP upgrade for that matter there are always the normal items that you will want to investigate. Firstly all installed modules, 3rd party vendor support, System requirements, unsupported system modifications that may be a blocking upgrade issue, and data prep and mock upgrade in a test environment.

I am always surprised at the number of customers that choose the option to not go through a mock data upgrade at least to verify that there are no issues with the data migration scripts, custom windows, and 3rd party vendors. The user acceptance testing should be the largest part of the upgrade to verify that everything is correct before you attempt the production upgrade. It is well worth the process every time.

Here are a few key items to review before upgrading to 2013 R2 from a previous GP Release.

1. Account Framework Table Conversion:  We convert several tables that have account framework information in them.  If the account framework tables in the company database, do not match the SY003001 and SY00302 tables in the DYNAMICS database, the upgrade will fail.  Please run the Account_Framework_Validation.txt script from the Upgrade Guide to validate your tables prior to the upgrade.  If results are returned, please work with your Partner or contact Technical Support to talk about the options for those tables.  Here are the tables we convert:


2. Human Resources and Payroll Suite (10.0 only): If you currently use the following Human Resources and Payroll Suite modules and are on Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, the January 2013 hotfix is required for the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  The January 2013 hotfix or any later patch release must be installed prior to launching Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Utilities.  Click HERE to go to the service pack/hotfix page for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Product ID 1911 – HRM Solution Series
Product ID 4522 – Payroll Integration to Payable
Product ID 4933 – Certification Manager
Product ID 4955 – Employee Health and Wellness

3. Collections Management: If you currently use Collections Management with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and are on version 11.00.2164, a new MSI is required for the upgrade to Collections Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  The new Collections Management MSI, must be installed prior to launching Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Utilities.  Click HERE to go to the service pack/hotfix page for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  Please refer to the Notes section to obtain the new MSI for Collections Management.

4. Database Compatibility:  If you are moving to a new SQL Server in addition to the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you can restore your databases to the new SQL Server and start your upgrade.  Please refer to KnowledgeBase Article 878449 for the steps to move to a new SQL Server.  Once the databases are restored to the new SQL Server, you must change the database compatibility.

a. In the SQL Server Management Studio. right-click your database and click Properties.
b. Under Select a Page on the left, click Options.
c. Change the Compatibility Level to match the version of SQL Server you are running.  SQL 2005 = 90, SQL 20082008 R2 = 100, SQL 2012 = 110.

5. Purchase Order Tables: If there are detail records in the POP10110 and the POP30110 that do not have a matching header record in the POP10100 and the POP30100, the upgrade may fail on those tables.  Run the Invalid_Records_POTables.txt script from the Upgrade Guide to validate all detail records have a header record.  If results are returned, you can either remove the detail records or run checklinks in the current version you are running.

6. Server Drop Down List Blank: When launching Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, the Server drop down list may be blank.  The Server drop down is the OBDC DSN that Microsoft Dynamics GP needs to connect to your SQL Server databases.  If the ODBC DSN is an older version or an x64 DSN, it will not show up in the list.  Please make sure you have a 32-bit ODBC DSN created using either the Native Client 10.0 or Native Client 11.0 driver. ClickHERE for the steps to setup an ODBC DSN.

7. Payroll Work Tables (10.0 only): If upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and you use payroll, run the Payroll_Work_Tables.txt from the known issues script library to clear the Payroll Work Tables.  If records exist in those tables, the upgrade will fail on the UPR10*** tables.

8. Workflow Documents Must be Final Approved: If you use our Workflow for GL/PM/RM batches, Purchase Orders, Vendor Approvals, Credit Limit Overrides, Sales Quotes. Employee Onboarding, etc., all Workflow Documents must be final approved prior to the upgrade.  No documents can be pending.  The upgrade does check for this and will stop Utilities and provide a report showing what documents need to be approved.

9. Microsoft Dynamics Adapter Service: If you use the CRM Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Microsoft Dynamics Adapter Service is running on the server where you are performing the upgrade, please stop the service temporarily.  Once the upgrade is complete, the Microsoft Dynamics Adapter Service can be restarted.

10. General Ledger Transaction History Record Count (10.0 only): If you are upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, run the following script to get a feel for the record count in the GL30000 table.

select count(*) from GL30000

The GL30000 is the GL Transaction History table and can be very large.  If you have millions and millions of transactions in the GL30000, please make sure to run a test upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  We do have a big conversion on the GL30000 that may slow down the upgrade.  Running a test upgrade will allow you to benchmark the upgrade for your environment.  Some tips!!!  Make sure you have enough disk space on the drives where the MDF and LDF are located.  Also, manually grow the size of your LDF to accommodate the size of the largest table.  Grow the LDF of your company database and TEMPDB.

11. Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities Stops Responding: When you launch Utilities for the upgrade, most of the processing is done on the SQL Server.  If you happen to client away, Utilities may appear to stay white and show “not responding”.  Please do not close out of Utilities, the upgrade is still running.  Please give the upgrade time to continue working.  If you feel the upgrade is hanging or locked up, please start a SQL Server Profiler trace to review activity.

Please review the known issues above prior to your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 upgrade!  Running the scripts above will for sure eliminate issues in the long run!  Remember to always run a test upgrade first!

Microsoft Convergence 2016 Announcement Location – #CONV2016

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convergenceSo at Microsoft Convergence this week they announced that the location for next year’s convergence will be back in New Orleans, and it seems as if the crowd was excited about that as well. I heard a couple yells from the seating at the Phillips arena when it was announced.

Personally I live in Atlanta so the past 2 years have been pretty nice to attend the event being local. I am looking forward to a change in scenery though that a new location provides.


Microsoft Convergence 2015 – #CONV2015

Posted by dynamicsnick on March 19, 2015
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I had a great time networking with fellow customers, vendors and partners at this years Microsoft Convergence right here in Atlanta. There were some great sessions about dynamics and good insights from the product road maps for Dynamics GP/CRM, mobility strategies, and also even breakout sessions on the internet of things.

Overall it seems that this is a bright new Microsoft that is customer focused and on working to empower the end users of their products bringing technology and new functionality to every business segment.

This is great to see this new Microsoft way of thinking and I think that customers are happy so see this as well.