CRM 2016 Web Resource Development in VS 2015

Posted by dynamicsnick on May 13, 2016
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So, if you are like me I choose to have development of my CRM code in a single user interface. Visual Studio is my weapon of choice and with some simple configuration it can be used to also allow you to target your web resources as well to update code. I do not choose to revision through TFS, but use svn instead and this works for me.

This way I can do solution development, plugins, web resource development, or custom C#.Net web applications all from the same tool. In this short article I will talk about the configuration of web resources and how I manage them in CRM 2016 deployments. There are a few ways to do this, but this is the way that I find works best for me.

First a trip over to codeplex and make sure that you have downloaded the CRM Developer extensions at the following link

This is an alternative to the options in the CRM Developer toolkit that shipped with CRM 2011 & 2013. If you are doing any development at all you should also make sure you have downloaded the CRM SDK as well located here.

You will need to install the CRM developer extensions into your release of Visual Studio 2015.

You will next need to create a new web resources project in Visual Studio.

File–> New–> Project –> CRM Developer Extensions –> CRM Resource Project


Once the project has been generated you should see the following option in your project named CRM Developer Extensions -> Web Resource Deployer.



The web resource deployer is how you publish or download files from your custom CRM solutions.

In order to connect to your CRM production or development instance you will need to connect to it using the connections panel and choosing to add a new server connection.

configure server

When you add a new connection it will be remembered in CRM with the project. The CRM Developer Extension plugin works with an online (Office 365) or any on premise release CRM 2016.


Once you have connected to CRM using the connectconnect to CRM button, you will be able to choose the solution that you want to download resources from, or the specific web resources you would like to push up and deploy.

The download functionality is very useful when you find yourself into a new CRM project that does not have revision control around resources in CRM, or when users update JS or HTML resources on the fly using the editor in CRM. This allows you to quickly move those custom resources into a new VS project and revision it properly.

Once you have setup your project and created some sample JS files you can choose to upload them into your solution in CRM 2016. You simply check the box of the items that you wish to publish and what solution you wish to publish the resources to and then click on the publish publish button to have these web resources deployed into CRM.

You will have to also note that publishing doesn’t make the web resource active it merely adds or updates the files in your solution. They are not fully published until you choose to publish the solution, then they will be made active.


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CRM 2016 Update

Posted by dynamicsnick on May 13, 2016
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Here is a link to the 2016 – 0.1 update that is now out for those of you developing on CRM2016.

Issues that are resolved in Update 0.1 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Update 0.1 resolves the following issues:

  • Creating a new Knowledge Article record doesn’t respect changes made to Auto Numbering configuration.
  • Importing new Knowledge Article translation using Import Data Wizard reports failure within Data Import job.
  • Applying an Email Template shows an error and the Template is not applied when unresolved email address is given in the “TO” field of an Email Entity IC Form.
  • Lookup on “TO” field of the Email Entity IC Form doesn’t show the “…” and cross symbol for recipients with long Full Name.
  • Clicking “Discard Changes” while navigating away from Email Entity IC Form blanks out Owner Field and doesn’t navigate back to Entity Grid.
  • Forwarding an email with attachment from Email Entity IC Form doesn’t show the Attachments.
  • Adding existing Process to a Dynamics CRM 2016 solution fails with error message.
  • OrderOption and SetReportRelated SDK message take collection of integers as parameter fails with internal server error.
  • Switching Browser zoom levels results in improper rendering of multiple pie charts in Interactive Service Hub.
  • In the Interactive Service Hub, the Edit properties (ellipses) button on an Interactive Dashboard Stream is misaligned.
  • In the Interactive Service Hub, the Global Filter doesn’t show the selected values for Lookup Filter.
  • New button is available under Solution Components-}Dashboards even when a User does not have Create Privilege on System Form.
  • In the Interactive Service Hub, the records shown in Dashboard Streams for Entity Dashboard are not in sync with Records shown on Entity Grid.
  • In Interactive Dashboards, the on hover tool tip covers the clickable area of the Column Chart bars, not leaving space to click the bar for filtering.
  • In the Interactive Service Hub, deactivating a record from IC Form doesn’t refresh the Command bar to show the actions available for a deactivated record.
  • In the Interactive Service Hub, clicking the MRU icon doesn’t show recently used Views.
  • Resolving or Reactivating a case from IC Case Form doesn’t refresh the Remaining Terms value in the Entitlement Sub-grid.
  • In the Interactive Service Hub, the Activity Status is not auto locked in the Activities IC Form after creating a new Activity.
  • In the Interactive Service Hub, the “Quick Action To Case” from Timeline throws script error for a custom Activity.
  • Corrected spacing in Timeline when using Unified Service Desk.
  • Removed additional white space in the reference panel for Unified Service Desk.
  • In a Lookup you are unable to select multiple records for Add Existing when using Unified Service Desk.
  • When accessing a record from a View from Unified Service Desk, the Previous and Next buttons are not displaying based on the view.
  • When using Firefox, a Quick Create is not possible for an Entity Record when the record values match a duplicate detection rule condition.
  • When accessing a form containing an Entitlement sub-grid, the error “Restart App error message shown for Entitlements sub-grid when contact or account has no entitlements associated” occurs using Unified Service Desk.
  • When using Unified Service Desk, if a View of a Queue has more than 10 records, the additional records are not present.
  • Sorting is not working properly when sorting alphabetically on a view using the Unified Service Desk.
  • Start Time and End Time are not pre-populated when a new Appointment is created using Unified Service Desk.
  • After removing Read Access for an entity, the user does not encounter an error when navigating to the entity records.
  • After saving a newly created Appointment, the Status Field is not locked.
  • Record Navigation in IC forms is not functioning after selecting previous or next.
  • After selecting a date from the date picker, the date picker remains when using Unified Service Desk.
  • The Interaction Wall will now show a message when no matching records are found.
  • Creating a related activity from IC wall doesn’t map all the data from the parent record to the activity.
  • Multiline fields are aligned differently than other fields.
  • Field Label and Value spacing was corrected.
  • Sub-grid styling is not proper in Lookup More Records dialog in the Owner Field.
  • Replaced .Net Data Contract Json serializer with Newtonsoft JsonSerialzer for complex types.
  • Web resources in a collapsed tab loads when opening a CRM Form.
  • The checkbox does not remain checked after selecting the Change Tracking checkbox in the Position entity, and saving.
  • An error occurs when attempting to delete a potential duplicate from the Duplicate Detection dialog.
  • Unable to convert Activity to Opportunity with Quick Campaign in Regarding field.
  • After creating a new Business Process Flow and saving. When opening the Form a second time, the word “instellen op” is displaying for all languages in the Action Field.
  • The Business Process Flow is not displayed for the Accounts which are created through the SDK process (Dialog).
  • In Chrome or Safari, the Business Process Flow Textbox Steps value does not have proper styling.
  • Prevent grids from refreshing when loading an Opportunity Form with a Product Suggestion fly out when FCB is off.
  • Download CRM for Outlook button does not initiate the download in the Apps for Dynamics CRM page.
  • CRM app for Outlook encounters the error “You can’t view this type of record on your device. Contact your system administrator” in Windows 8.1 Phone.
  • Mailbox getting reset to Not Run after adding the CRM App for Outlook.
  • CRM app for Outlook redirects to an authentication page that is blank in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Included OwningBusinessUnit in the indexes for OwnerId.
  • Indexes were created on entity tables for ModifiedOn to optimize deletions.
  • Office Graphs are now disabled using SharePoint Server Based Integration from CRM Online to SharePoint On Premises.
  • Corrected label wrapping on Pie Charts.
  • Quick create for Appointment activities are not working.
  • No Data is shown in dashboard for Entity “QueueItemDetails” when Filter By is selected as “Entered Queue”.
  • The custom field is not displaying properly in a custom entity, and the tool tip is not displaying completely when using Firefox.
  • The Status Reason does not appear correctly for a new record when using a custom Status Reason, and setting it as default.
  • Recent Cases sub-grid is displaying blank initially until the grid is refreshed.
  • Reference panel disappears when hovering on General and Timeline section of the Contact Form using Chrome.
  • When attempting to open a deleted task, the error “The record is unavailable” occurs, and after selecting Ok, a customized event error occurs.
  • All records for custom queue are not showing up in stream of dashboard when using Unified Service Desk.
  • When using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM app, the Notes content is not shown upon clicking “Edit Note”.
  • Corrected performance issue when selecting the Lookup for Set Regarding using Unified Service Desk.
  • Delete icon is displaying in the middle of the row when the column is resized in the Recent Cases grid when using Unified Service Desk.
  • Lookup More Records “Add” command is failing when attempting to add a relationship for a child Case.
  • In Unified Service Desk, the tooltip is missing for Case Title in Tile View of Tier-1 dashboard.
  • The dashboard is refreshed with stale data on deactivating/activating the Account on Active Account stream in dashboard using Unified Service Desk.
  • The My Active Cases stream count of cases does not change after deleting a Case from the dashboard using Unified Service Desk.
  • When navigating to Queues in Unified Service Desk, a Query Builder Error occurs.
  • Date Time Charts showing X-axis labels for periods that do not fall within the selected date range.
  • When viewing Charts in the Unified Service Desk, there is a visual defect in the Legend Navigator of the Pie Chart with the Up and Down arrows.
  • Resolve by is not rendering properly after expanding all nodes of the dashboard global filter using Unified Service Desk.
  • Routing rule to route to the queue is being applied to cases after selecting Save, or Save and Close.
  • Date and Time filter will now show Field name.
  • Interactive experience related metadata should be moved on the Entity Customization UI page.
  • Performance issues upon selecting next stage of a Business Process using Unified Service Desk.
  • If the location of C360 quick view form is changed on the screen it starts displaying, it will display like a normal quick view form rather than showing a C360 UI.
  • Searching for related articles shows search control on top of label as opposed to below.
  • Unable to clear out the Subject Field in the Business Process Flow and Summary section using clear button(x) in the Subject Field.
  • X axis values not displayed for Line Charts.
  • The horizontal scrollbar is visible, but the vertical scrollbar is hidden on the Tier 2 dashboard using the Edge browser.
  • Convert to Case does nothing when Single Activity is selected from the Activity Grid, and “To case” is selected using the Unified Service Desk.
  • In Unified Service Desk, an error in a Business Process Flow shows up at the bottom of Stage or Step area requiring scrolling.
  • Business Process Flows on Knowledge Management Forms do not span the entire width of the Form.
  • Whitespace on the lookup value does not trigger editing experience.
  • Child Cases sub-grid does not appear correct on a child Case Form.
  • The UI becomes unusable after disconnecting and reconnecting to the network using Unified Service Desk.
  • Under Account or Contact, when selecting any page view, the entire Search control shifts using Unified Service Desk.
  • A tag or column will not appear correctly on Tier 1 or Tier 2 dashboard when top X items rule is applied on the Chart using Unified Service Desk.
  • Convert rules do not work for any Activity other than Email.
  • An error is thrown while scheduling a Service Activity and the Service Name is also getting changed while using Firefox.
  • No action occurs when selecting + in the sub-grid for Quote Product on the Quote Form.
  • When adding a record to the Competitor sub-grid, the error “More than one element was found with tagName = TBODY” occurs.
  • Duration control is not auto-mapping Activity into a case.
  • Unchecking of “All Entities” in the Activity Feed filer for the first time is not working. When an activity tab is clicked twice, all activities in the social pane are becoming invisible and not displaying in the pane, even though “All Entities” checkbox is checked.
  • Unable to edit the recurrence pattern of a CRM recurring appointment, as the “set recurrence” page is not loading.
  • Within the notes section on Marketing Lists, the “attach” and “done” buttons are not visible or viewable.
  • A filter created on a custom activity in the Activity Filter is not being saved.
  • Date Picker is not visible in Quick Create Form.
  • Text in the welcome screen is not localized for Serbian Cyrillic.
  • Upgrade to CRM 2016 failed with “Object reference not set an instance of object”.
  • Time is not being displayed properly in a Type: “Date and Time” field.
  • Cannot import component Entity: The publisher of the solution that is being imported does not match the publisher of the solution that installed this component.
  • WebApi OData V4 Endpoint – RetrieveMultiple of 10000 Activities is timing out.
  • Disaster Recovery URL’s generate errors from Web API.
  • Cannot create related records for self-referential relationship using Deep Insert.
  • FetchXml with an inner join returns null values from a joined entity.
  • For single valued navigation property name, the navigation property is not being returned on $expand (if it is null).
  • Performance improved by optimizing the functions, as we are not caching the SelectExpandNode for saved query and Fetch XML retrieve scenarios.
  • The Upgrade Action for UpdateDateTimeAttributes does not run correctly in CRM 2016 when you upgrade from CRM 2015.
  • Import and Upgrade of CRM 2015 database hangs in pre-req checks of Deployment Manager.
  • Search records Metric Type view column is displaying “True” or “False” when it should display with amount.
  • Invoking search status API URL in browser is returning error “Cannot deserialize the current JSON object”.
  • IsRetrievable property not reflected properly after deployment. Should set the default value to IsRetrievable = 0, but instead it was set to 1.
  • MetadataXmlValidator does not thrown exception if an attribute cannot be retrievable or searchable and is currently marked true in xml.
  • Fixed spacing between paragraphs on the first run experience to be equal and consistent in SharePoint integration.
  • When setting up Server-Based SharePoint integration and selecting the location dropdown, there is only one location to select rather than automatically selecting the location by default.
  • On Opportunity Product, the override price keeps reverting back to the default amount rather than setting to the modified price.
  • The auto created activity for “Quote won” on related opportunity activity wall shows as “Quote won ({0}) – {1}”.
  • Receiving script error when opening email records while using the Dynamics CRM App.
  • New Active Directory Authentication Library is not referenced correctly.
  • Creating a user in a Time Zone that uses day light savings time is not adding the day light savings offset.
  • Signing in with a user with no roles, navigating backwards and then signing in with a valid user, the system hangs on the user education page.
  • The Win10 app fails app validation with the error Restricted namespace found.
  • Unable to find the Draft Records in Draft View when the records are created offline.
  • Android wont connect to servers using GeoTrust SSL certificates.
  • The “Add New Activity” and “Add Existing Activity” buttons are not displayed for Calendar view.
  • Relationship Tile area disappears upon refreshing a form on any record.
  • The “+” symbol beside a simple list on a record disappears once a user kills and reopens the app.
  • The “and” text does not appear localized in Families and Products page under Product Catalog.
  • Opportunity close activity shows up as an activity but no details are visible.
  • Unified Service Desk 2.0: Invoking a DoSearch Action Call to perform a search is resulting in $Return Replacement Parameter not being updated.
  • Slow performing query on Case research control in Incident Form as the number of resolved cases increases. Added index on incident0″.ModifiedOn desc to improve performance.
  • Outlook Ribbon Locks and Hangs, and the ribbon isn’t updated when a folder switch navigation fails.
  • Text is truncated in the dialog of Add Contacts to CRM in outlook.
  • Unified Service Desk daily automation is failing in main branch, as the Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.CrmConnector.Powershell.dll is upgraded to Dynamics CRM 2016 version but the XRM SDK dlls still referring to Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 version.
  • Service Calendar error when changing the view to “team members”.
  • Export to Excel button in Marketing List, Associated grid of Campaign, and Campaign Activity is throwing an error.
  • Issue with document location when mapped with existing document location prefix.
  • Dynamics CRM 2016 Upgrade failed with error message: “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path.”
  • A Query Build Error occurs when using a filter based on Cross Entity Attribute Charts on the Dynamics CRM App.
  • Added Time Zone for North Korea.
  • Exporting the default solution will include unmodified sub components.
  • Filtered view hierarchical security should be defined at customization time.
  • An error occurs when attempting to export an Unmanaged Solution.
  • Scroll bar is displayed for empty Social Pane.
  • Text is shown in a single line for the Description field in Close as won, or lost dialog.
  • Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint error on temp table ‘dbo.#SyncEntryIds’.
  • Feedback attribute creation fails if survey has more than 40 questions.
  • The value in response conversion in survey response to feedback section is not retaining to any value except surveys and sub-surveys.
  • Error on saving Forms with Currency fields that are empty.
  • File open error for Excel Template Case Summary.xlsx.
  • Unable to add a condition for a Response Mapping under a survey.
  • WorkflowWaitsubscription blocking due to select count(*).
  • When long text is given in Description field in Close as won/lost dialog, the text is shown in a single line in non-English organizations.
  • Actions are not reflected in the Dynamics CRM App as per the created Business Rules in web client.
  • Opening a non-primary Record from Entity Grid throws Record Not Available Error.
  • Grid actions are not loading in Documents grid.
  • A script error occurs due to an unsaved Note on a Form.
  • Unable to close Date / Time selector in Entity Form and Field remains in edit mode.
  • Field permissions are not applied in the Dynamics CRM app for the Phone Field.
  • After performing a publish on a custom Entity (not publish all), Dataset Custom Control configurations are lost for other custom entities after metadata sync.
  • Image webresources included in by default collapsed tab are not displayed when tab is expanded.
  • Record Navigation is not shown when the Queue item is opened by double clicking.
  • OnReadyState event not fired as expected for iframe control.
  • View name is not displayed for a simple list on a dashboard which is configured as a Calendar control.
  • Unable to attach a file in Notes when using the Dynamics CRM app on Windows Phone 10.
  • Able to add more charts than specified in layout for single/multi stream dashboard.
  • Labels are missing for Dataset Custom Controls in Dashboards.
  • SolutionCache Corruption causes login to fail at YammerEnabledActivityFeeds Solution installed.
  • When opening a URL the capitalization in a URL is converted to lower case.
  • Default solution import fails on missing SecurityRole ID.
  • “Created on Date” is now a string that can be more easily differentiated from “Created On”.
  • Outlook Client Performance Issue over Latent Networks with Expect100Continue.
  • Adding an existing process to a Solution created in Dynamics CRM 2016 fails with error.
  • Add Required Components for a Solution does not add required Child Reports.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-create doesn’t work for Office Groups at all, if the group wasn’t created in Office.
  • Fixed an issue where queued items are not showing up Service -} queues grid.
  • Update fails with error “Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint ‘UQ_LocalizedLabelCheck’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘MetadataSchema.LocalizedLabel’. The duplicate key value is (2ec08938-4992-4404-8190-6ce561573735, description, 1041, Jan 1 1900 12”.
  • Fixed an issue where any Plugin or Workflow activity that includes the lien System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine is throwing a Security Exception.
  • Fixed an issue in Internet Explorer where a security certificate alert pops up during app load.
  • Fixed an issue where process fly out is not displaying exactly under a particular stage of business process flow in cases.
  • Fixed an issue with getting error messages for Social sharing in survey runtime.
  • Fixed an issue where, for Queue items, release action does not change the worked by field, even after pressing grid refresh button.
  • Fixed an issue where pagination is not showing the correct amount of records for each page.
  • Fixed an issue where Xrm.Tooling doesn’t work in Azure Apps.
  • Fixed an issue where the clear filter is not working when four filters are applied on Visual filters for Activity Dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue where, after upgrade, the out of the box Knowledge Manager Role is unmanaged.
  • Fixed an issue with the iPad Pro where Horizontal Scrolling would sometimes not function correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a solution that contains a reference to the newly introduced TimeLine control cannot be imported into an RTM Server.
  • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to proceed further when using captcha = yes and the response required for the question = yes when the user entered only captcha and clicked on Next.
  • Fixed an issue where the activities view label was misplaced and the search result values were overlapped by the grid header in the Edge browser when a sub grid is inserted in IC form.
  • Fixed text wrap so that it breaks words only at allowed break points and not in between words.
  • Fixed issues where the ToolTip of Translations and prepare client customization tabs are not localized.
  • Fixed an issue where an item without a Label value causes the next item to be rendered with a horizontal displacement (indented) from other items.
  • Corrected the year display in the About page.


Microsoft CRM Product Roadmap

Posted by dynamicsnick on March 12, 2016
Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Comments Off on Microsoft CRM Product Roadmap

For those of you that are not aware you can check in on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product roadmap at any time to see what items are pending, in development, and released at the following link

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Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Wave Capabilities

Posted by dynamicsnick on March 04, 2016
CRM 2016 / Comments Off on Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Wave Capabilities

The spring wave release has many new enhancements to field service, portals, guided navigation, and social.

Check out the sway presentation here.

and the official post from Dynamics CRM GM Jujhar Singh here.




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Customization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Posted by dynamicsnick on February 20, 2016
CRM 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Comments Off on Customization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Here is a great resource for the MB2-719 exam from Microsoft that will cover Customization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. The topics that are included in this series are as follows.


Module 00: Course Introduction
Module 01: Introduction to Customizing and Configuring Dynamics CRM
Module 02: Configuring Dynamics CRM
Module 03: The CRM Security Model
Module 04: Introduction to Solutions
Module 05: Entity and Field Customization
Module 06: Additional Field Customizations
Module 07: Relationships
Module 08: Customizing Forms
Module 09: Business Rules
Module 10: Views and Visualizations
Module 11: Introduction to Processes
Module 12: Business Process Flows
Module 13: Bringing it all together
Module 14: Course Review


•Configure specific application features
•Guidance on the designing a CRM security model
•Control access using CRM’s security model
•Create, package, manage, and deploy specific customization through solutions.
•Creating and maintaining custom entities
•Working with specialized fields
•Create and edit customized forms
•Apply Portable Business Logic
•Explore the different tools available for creating specific views
•Provide an overview of the different processes
•Create Business Process Flows


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Dynamics CRM 2016 – Online Training Resources

Posted by dynamicsnick on February 15, 2016
CRM 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Comments Off on Dynamics CRM 2016 – Online Training Resources

As I started working on the new CRM 2016 RTM release in January i was shocked to realize that there are already some really great tutorials out there for getting started with it. This series is great for if you are looking to up your Microsoft Certifications to the latest release, fire up the sdk and start building code, or if you want to become familiar with the new CRM 2016 features.

This does require for you to create an imagine academy login with Microsoft or you can get access through your MSDN subscriptions with Microsoft as well.




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90 Day Trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 On Premise

Posted by dynamicsnick on January 02, 2016
CRM 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Comments Off on 90 Day Trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 On Premise

Here is the download link for CRM 2016 ->

You will be given 90 days from Microsoft on installation to try out, build, test, and mock up any scenarios that you like in the new CRM release. At about the 60 day range you will start getting notices that you are getting notices it is time to officially register the software.

If you have software assurance on your current on premise licensing then this makes a very easy transition into the full featured release of CRM.

Once you are ready to convert the licensing all that is required is that you register your licensing through the CRM deployment manager and you will be up and running.



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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Development Kit (SDK) for CRM Online and on-premises CRM 2016

Posted by dynamicsnick on December 15, 2015
CRM 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Comments Off on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Development Kit (SDK) for CRM Online and on-premises CRM 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 SDK ->

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Software Development Kit (SDK) is for developers. The documentation contains information for developers writing server side code, client-side scripts, custom business logic, integration modules, workflow assemblies, and plug-ins.

The SDK includes an architectural overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the entity model, security model, and web services. Sample code and walkthroughs are provided to guide you through the new features. It also contains information for developers customizing the web client or Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook, including scripting, integration of custom web pages, and sample code.

In addition to the documentation, this download package includes the assemblies and tools needed for development, helper code for authentication, and Microsoft Visual Studio projects for the sample code found in the documentation.

You can also choose to download the User Interface Integration (UII) solution framework, which includes a deployment guide, development guide and api reference. UII uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the delivery of configuration data for the Integrated Agent Desktop. It includes development and run-time components. Applications built with UII can provide unified access to customer information across different systems and can aggregate different modes of customer interactions or channels.

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Create a Simple LinkedIn Button On Contacts Entity in CRM

Posted by dynamicsnick on August 03, 2015
Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Comments Off on Create a Simple LinkedIn Button On Contacts Entity in CRM

Although there are many integration options for LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics CRM if you are on premise here is an easy way to get your feet wet and connect to contacts on Linked In without having to invest in a 3rd party solution.

NOTE: This solution does not synch all of your contacts in CRM with LinkedIn, but rather allows you to search for your contacts and connections easier using CRM.

We perform this by creating a custom button in the contacts entity that performs a callout to the LinkedIn Directory Service.

Linked In Search Button

How it Works?
LinkedIn has a public directory that is used to provide public searches and is open without having to authenticate with LinkedIn. This will allow us to search for relevant contacts to reach out to or to find contacts using the LinkedIn directory.

You can actually try this now using the following format:[firstname]&last=[lastname]

And you will see results from the LinkedIn public directory like below.

LinkedIn Directory Search

This is basically what we are going to be doing automatically is send a search query to the LinkedIn Service once the button is selected.

The first thing that you need to do is to create a new ribbon element. The easiest way to do this is by using the visual ribbon editor  and opening the entity that you want to put the button in. In my case it was the contact entity.

Make sure that you choose pass params = true option so that you can send the ID to the redirect code in the next part.


This will also involve creating a custom page in CRM to act as a page redirect and uploading it into CRM. We will pull the ID from the query request and then pull the first and lastname from the database and start the redirect page.

This could also be done many ways, but I am reusing code so this was the simplest example I had to explain the process.

LinkedIn Code

Once that you have saved the code and uploaded it into CRM you should now be able to use the button and your redirect should fire and search for contacts in LinkedIn.










IE 11+ – Event.Mode Issues – Unsupported – Mode is null

Posted by dynamicsnick on June 18, 2015
Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Comments Off on IE 11+ – Event.Mode Issues – Unsupported – Mode is null

If you still happen to be using the event.mode option on your forms in CRM it is now officially deprecated with the latest release of IE11. You will receive a strange and mysterious error that looks states that Mode is null.

The resolution is to use the supported CrmContext.getEventArgs().getSaveMode() instead of event.mode in our JS libraries or page code

and here is how it might look in a simple code example for the onsave event for the account object: If a user attempts to deactivate an account.

function HandleOnSaveAccount(CRMContext) {

if (CRMContext.getEventArgs().getSaveMode() == 5)


alert(“You should not deactivate this account. Please contact the administrator first.”);



For this to work there are 2 things that need to happen in your event handler. You need to define a name for the CRM context object in this case it is called CRMContext, but it can be named anything. The other is that on the entity in CRM you must specify on the save event to pass the “context as first parameter” option and this will populate the function with the session context that you can use the context in your JS code.


This solution is compatible with IE 11 +  and older browsers as well.


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